Avocado Book Club – The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower II) – Complete Book Discussion

The discussion thread for the entire second installment of the Dark Tower series. A couple of discussion questions to get started (but feel free to talk about anything else related to the book as well)

  • First up, what did you think about the novel? If you’ve read the series before, how does it compare to the other books?
  • Your sincere thoughts on King’s handling of the Detta/Odetta character
  • How did the book compare to The Gunslinger? Any notable differences that stood out for you?
  • For the re-readers, anything notable that struck you this read?

Administrative stuff:

  • First up, please use spoiler tags for any talk about events later in the series. Discussing the current book relating to the others is fine, but not everyone has read these books so please be mindful.
  • We’ll be reading The Waste Lands – The Dark Tower III next. Please make sure you have finished Book I – Jake on August 24th.