Avocado Book Club – Flatland – A Romance in Many Dimensions

Warmerdam needed someone to host this Avocado Book Club Discussion and I decided to volunteer because it gave me purpose to read a book after a long hiatus. ( My friends and I would read books and watch movies and rate them but it is on pause for a bit because of a friend’s increased workload and responsibilities in his new position).

Author – Edwin A Abbott

Year Released – 1884

Genre – Mathematical Fiction, Satire

A Square takes us on a tour of his beloved Flatland.

Some topics to spurn discussions in the comment section –

  • How does the society of Flatland compare/contrast with our own society (especially in the late 1800s, when this book was published).
  • What ideas/themes stand the test of time and which ones are outdated and antiquated?
  • Was the term “square” added to the English lexicon because of this story? Why or why not?
  • What can we learn from this book/novella and how can it be applied to today’s world in 2022?
  • Are you personally good at math? Did the subject help or hinder your enjoyment of the book?
  • Would you recommend this book/novella?