An Algonquin Park Day Thread

Algonquin Provincial Park sits in the middle of the southern half of Ontario, Canada. Established in 1893 and covering 7,653 km2 (2,955 sq mi), it is a vast wilderness of rolling, forested hills and interconnected lakes, and while there is a road running through the southern half, most of it is only accessible through a bit of trekking. I’ve made a habit of getting on a canoe trip there in the summer for the past few years, so I thought I’d share a few pictures from my most recent trip.

Way Lake, one of a series of small lakes we paddled through on the way from Islet to McCraney.

Here’s the route we took, starting at the Rain Lake Access Point (the #4) on the western edge of the park, we then paddled to Islet Lake via Hot Lake and stayed at the marked site. From there, we slogged our way across some small lakes to McCraney Lake, where we stayed at the other marked site, before making our way north, across a beaver dam, and back to Rain Lake.

It was a great trip, and the park was as beautiful as always. I hope you enjoy the pictures!