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I posted a thread like this in July: https://the-avocado.org/2022/07/10/politicians-to-support/

I figured that, as the American Midterms approach, I should probably post one of these semi regularly, perhaps once this month, once next month, and the weekly in October. Perhaps we don’t get any new names, but at least the names that we already have may stick in people’s minds. Even if you had contributed last time and have nothing new to say, just say the old thing again. And, sure, the past primaries may have knocked out some of the names that you may have had before, but let’s try to work with who in the races still retain our hopes.

Remember, this is not simply about voting people out, but voting people in. So, who do we want in? Who is up for election in the midterms? Particularly for federal positions, but not exclusively. Are there questions on the ballot that are of significance? Are there organizations that focus on this stuff that could use some money?