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Politicians to Support for the Midterms

Please keep this pinned until the Midterms are over.

I had a whole different header here, but so few have contributed so far that I figure that nobody would read it anyways. So here is a list of people mentioned in the thread. If you have an issue with any of those on the list, then feel free to say so…it would be nice, though, if you could provide an alternate option that better deserves attention and funding. For this is not a place to gripe about who stinks, but whom we want to win. Perhaps say why you want them to win or why you believe that they in particular need to win, provided that they actually have a chance. And a link to the campaign site would be nice.


Matt Cartwright Pennsylvania 8th (incumbent)

Jay Chen California 45th

Shamaine Daniels Pennsylvania 10th

Sharice Davids Kansas 3rd (incumbent)

Maxwell Alejandro Frost Florida 10th

Jahana Hayes Connecticut 5th (incumbent)

Asif Mahmood California 40th

Marie Glusenkamp Perez Washington 3rd

Katie Porter California 47th (Incumbent)


Mandela Barnes Wisconsin

Cheri Beasley North Carolina

Tim Ryan Ohio


Stacey Abrams Georgia

Katie Hobbs Arizona

Tony Evers Wisconsin (Incumbent)

Beto O’Rourke Texas


Michael Daniels Florida Orange County School Board District 3

Steve Doyle Wisconsin State Assembly 94th

Elizabeth Epps Colorado House District 6

Katrina Foley California Orange County Board of Supervisors District 5

New Hampshire General Court

Josh Kaul Wisconsin Attorney General (Incumbent)

Tiara Mack Rhode Island State Senate District 6

Kim Nguyen California Orange County Board of Supervisors District 2

Loir Palmeri Wisconsin State Assembly 54th

Jennifer Rourke Rhode Island State Senate District