Radiohead Song Tournament Quarter-Finals

Time to see which songs made it!

Round 3 Results

Match 1: “Karma Police” (40) vs. “There, There” (19)
Match 2: “Paranoid Android” (38) vs. “How to Disappear Completely” (15)
Match 3: “Exit Music (For a Film)” (32) vs. “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” (21)
Match 4: “Idioteque” (41) vs. “Burn the Witch” (11)
Match 5: “Pyramid Song” (27) vs. “The National Anthem” (25)
Match 6: “Everything in Its Right Place” (31) vs. “Let Down” (25)
Match 7: “No Surprises” (33) vs. “High and Dry” (25)
Match 8: “Fake Plastic Trees” (33) vs. “Climbing Up The Walls (21)

Some sweet stats:

Song with least votes to progress to the next round – “Pyramid Song” (27) in a very close match against “The National Anthem” (25), also one of the songs with the most votes to be eliminated.

Songs with most votes to be eliminated – “The National Anthem”, “Let Down” and “High and Dry” (all at 25) in close matches against “Pyramid Song” (27), “Everything in Its Right Place” (31) and “No Surprises” (33)

Biggest beatdown – “Idioteque” (41) beat “Burn the Witch” (11) by a whopping 30 votes.

Voting end 12 July, 10 PM EDT