WW189: She-Wolf & The Princesses of Prowler — Signups

This game is designed for 25 players, but it can be adjusted for more or fewer players as needed. Feel free to RP as a She-Ra character, but please don’t RP as one of the named roles (see below). The game will begin when we have 25+ players or on Monday, August 1st.

It’s happening!

The game begins with . . .

16 Town Players (The Rebellion)

Adora / She-Ra – can declare the “power of Grayskull” and transform into She-Ra one time, Day or Night, for that one Day/Night cycle, to become invincible, meaning no action will affect her (a role claim during the Day will be considered a transformation). So, for instance, if she transforms Day 3, she’ll be invincible Day 3 and Night 3; if she transforms Night 3, she’ll be invincible Night 3 and Day 4. Once she has transformed into She-Ra, though, everyone will know her identity (if she transforms during the Day, a notice will be posted on the OT that Day; if she transforms at Night, it will be reflected in the next Day’s thread).

Mermista – can groan at other players at Night. If she groans at Sea Hawk, they will become partners (share a chat), and Mermista can keep investigating if Sea Hawk dies. 

Glimmer – can teleport one other player each Night to safety (Town Jailer). 

Bow – has two attempts to kill another player at Night (Town Vig). If he kills a Wolf, he gets an additional attempt. If he kills two Vanilla Town players, he will feel so guilty he will send himself to Beast Island. If his kill is blocked, he loses the shot.

Perfuma – is a Healer. If a player she names at Night is targeted for death, they will not die.

Netossa – is in love with Spinnerella (Town Lover – share a chat, but if one dies, so does the other). 

Spinnerella – is in love with Netossa (Town Lover – share a chat, but if one dies, so does the other). 

Frosta – can freeze one player each Night, stopping their Night Action if any.

Sea Hawk – is a detective. He can investigate one player each Night to learn whether they are Town or Not Town. Shadow Weaver will read as Town. An “Other” player who does not have an alignment yet will read as Unknown. Double Trouble will read as Unknown.

Villagers – they are harmless and kind hearted and make it pretty obvious The Horde are the bad guys . . .  mostly (Vanilla Town).

4 Wolf Players (The Horde)

Shadow Weaver – can manipulate minds. If investigated, she will read Town. 

Grizzlor – is large. Grizzlor can block another player’s Night Action each Night.

Hordak Prime – is a cult leader. He can recruit one Vanilla Town player (to become a Vanilla Wolf). If he attempts to recruit a player who is not VT, he will learn they are not VT, but he will lose his ability to recruit.

Imp – is a Vanilla Wolf.

1 SK Player

Entrapta – is curious. Each night she can target another player and accidentally kill them.

4 Other Players

Catra – names a player each night. If she finds Adora before Shadow Weaver, her win condition becomes Town permanently (but she can continue to search for Shadow Weaver). If she finds Shadow Weaver before Adora, her win condition becomes Wolf permanently (but she does not join the Wolf chat). If Adora and Shadow Weaver die before she finds one of them, she adopts the alignment of her choice and becomes a Bomb who will die at the end of the Day following the Day or Night of their death.

Hordak – names a player each night. If he finds Entrapta first, he will join her SK team permanently. If he finds Hordak Prime first, he will have the choice to kill him but also die himself (as Town) or join the Wolf team permanently (but not the Wolf chat). If they both die before he finds one of them, he will remain neutral. 

Scorpia – gives a hug to one player each night. If she hugs Hordak Prime first, she becomes Wolf permanently (but does not join the Wolf chat). If she hugs Frosta first, she becomes Town permanently (but she can continue to search for Hordak Prime).  

Double Trouble – is a chameleon. They will name another player at the start of each Day, and any Day or Night Action targeting that player has a 50% chance of affecting Double Trouble instead, while any Day or Night Action targeting Double Trouble has a 50% chance of failing. Their win condition is to survive.


  1. Smokey
  2. spooky
  3. moonster
  4. MSD
  5. Mustard
  6. Wasp
  7. Lindsay
  8. Lamb
  9. Indy
  10. Nuka
  11. sic
  12. Chum
  13. raven
  14. Cork
  15. April
  16. beinggreen
  17. Nate
  18. Queequeg
  19. Stoneheart
  20. Katie
  21. Bresson
  22. copy
  23. Warrior
  24. emm
  25. Marlowe


  1. Josephus
  2. Side


No quoting or screencapping from Discord.

No editing or deleting any post without permission.

No discussing the game with a living player outside of the game threads and (sanctioned) Discord chats.

Night actions are mandatory. If a player or faction has not submitted their Night Action by the designated time, it will be left up to RNG.

Players with Night Actions cannot target themselves and cannot target the same player two Nights in a row.

A tie at Twilight will result in an RNG kill amongst any non-voters (if everyone voted, it will be an RNG kill amongst all players). No Kill is not an option.

“Kill” / “Die” = transport(ed) to Beast Island.

Remember that play styles differ. Attack arguments, not people. Be kind, and most importantly, have fun!