Led Zeppelin Semifinals

I give to all Zep Heads, your final four:

From Led Zeppelin II, originally the #5 seed, and in the closest match which still wasn’t that close, “Ramble On” which denied “Stairway to Heaven” 49-37

From Led Zeppelin III, the top seeded song in the tournament “Immigrant Song” just pummeled “The Rain Song” 68-16, continuing its long chin of huge victories.

From Led Zeppelin IV is another song which won its first two victories handily, though last round slightly less: Second seed “When the Levee Breaks” won against “Over the Hills and Far Away” 58-24. And finally

From Physical Graffiti, The #3 seed “Kashmir” finally managed to halt the upset victories of “Misty Mountain Hop” with a 53-31 win.

So vote early, vote often! This round will be open until Monday, Aug 1st, at 2200 Eastern Time.