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The Friday Politics Thread: Because You’re Worth It

Hello and Welcome back to Fridays! I hope your week was cool and well hydrated. If You’re still trying to beat the heat you have my sympathies. I hate it.

Today’s Non Binary Musician is Multi-dysciplinary singer and songwriter Shamir. His countertenor voice, confessional witty lyrics and wide variety of genre (Be The Yee, Here Comes The Haw is a country album while Ratchet is 90s style House throwback and his most recent Heterosexuality is lofi pop) combine to make one of my favorite discographies of the last decade or so.

He’s also a voice actor on Tuca and Bertie where he’s Draca the Dracaena Fragrans Plant (among other voices) and a live action actor on Dear White People as AJ

That’s all she wrote. Remember to follow the rules and tip your waitress I’ll see y’all next week