Comic-Con 2022: Day 4 (Sunday)

It’s the last day of Comic-Con, did you get all of the exclusives you wanted? Did you tell Matt Groening that he is single-handedly responsible for how your life turned out, and while he thought you were blaming him you were actually complimenting him?

Notable Panels (All times Pacific):

jack kirby

10:00 am – Jack Kirby Tribute Panel (Room 5AB). A celebration of the life and work of famed comic book artist Jack Kirby. Featuring stories and recollections from another famous comic book artist, Frank Miller. Jack Kirby’s grandson will also be there, and it will be moderated by Comic-Con stalwart, and Kirby biographer, Mark Evanier.

10:15 am – I Hear Voices With Will Friedle and Cristy Carlson Romano (Room 6BCF). Come and join Will and Cristy as they discuss their work on Kim Possible as it celebrates its 20 year anniversary. Multiple special guests will also be on hand.

11:00 am – Spotlight on Jeff Smith (Room 29AB). A panel celebrating the work of acclaimed comic book creator Jeff Smith, best know for his series Bone. Smith will also be discussing his latest work, the prehistoric epic TUKI.

12:00 pm – Mayans M.C. (Hall H). Entering it fifth season, the FX biker gang drama Mayans M.C. rolls into Comic-Con and will, I assume, beat the shit out of everyone.

what we do in the shadows 02

12:45 pm – Special Screening of Lightyear (Room 6BCF). The recent box office dud Lightyear will have a special screening at Comic-Con on really small screens. Have fun wasting two hours of your convention watching a movie you can probably see on Disney+ in two weeks.

1:15 pm – What We Do In The Shadows (Hall H). Come and see the newest episode of the show before all the peons see it this Tuesday. Stick around of Q&A with the cast (subject to change).

2:30 pm – Funko: Pop Talk Live (Hall H). Apparently there is a Funko Pop podcast, which is recording its latest episode at Comic-Con in its biggest room. Joining the regular hosts will be Rosario Dawson, Simu Liu, and William Zabka. Everyone who attends will receive a special gift that will immediately be put up for sale on eBay for $500 bucks.

3:00 pm – Buffy The Musical: Once More With Feeling (Room 6BCF). A Comic-Con tradition, close out the show with a bang as you sing and dance along to one of the finest episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.