Led Zeppelin: Round of 16

Here we go for round 2! 16 songs left.

From the first round, there weren’t many surprises, but there were a couple upsets: “Black Dog” (6th seed) will make no one sweat nor groove anymore, having lost out to “Misty Mountain Hop” (29th) 50-47.

And that wasn’t the closest run! There were a lot of near contests throughout the voting, but in the end, “The Rain Song” (24th) managed to prevail over “Communication Breakdown” (9th) by 2 points, 44-42

The biggest blow-out came when “Immigrant Song” (1st) took the hammer of the gods to the “Gallows Pole” (32nd), 83-15

Remaining album showings:


Led Zeppelin has a single song left with the cover of “Dazed and Confused”

Led Zeppelin II with 2 songs remaining

Led Zeppelin III is down to just “Immigrant Song” (and its B-Side “Hey, Hey, What Can I Do”)

Led Zeppelin IV continues to be dominant with 5 songs left

Houses of the Holy has 4 songs left in contention

Physical Graffiti has been reduced to “Kashmir”

With “Achilles” out of the running, Presence is too

In Through the Out Door is still on the board with “Fool in the Rain.”


This round will be up until Monday, 7/23, with voting ending at 2200 Eastern Time. Happy voting!