Comic-Con 2022: Day 2 (Friday)

It’s day 2 of Comic-Con, are you already tired? Did you get any exclusive figures yet? I’m writing this in the past so I’m hoping I was able to get that S.H. Figuarts Majin Buu.

Notable Programming (All times Pacific):

rings of power

10:00 am – That’s NOT All, Folks! Looney Tunes for Everyone! (Indigo Ballroom, Hilton). There’s a bunch of Looney Tunes related programs coming out in the next few months, some hear all about them.

10:30 am – The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Hall H). There’s new Lord of the Rings content coming out, can you believe it? The cast and crew of the new Amazon Prime show will be on hand to discuss why you should watch it and not just outright shun it.

11:00 am – Rob Liefeld – Robservations Live (Room 7AB). Todd McFarlane talked about Spawn in a giant room on Thursday, so Rob Liefeld gets to record his podcast in a much smaller room today. The 90’s rule.

11:45 am – Marvel Studios (Ballroom 20). Today is all about Marvel TV shows, including X-Men ’97, Marvel Zombies, and What If…?, plus much, much more.

paper girls

12:30 pm – Tales of the Walking Dead (Hall H). The new kinda-sorta anthology series that takes place in The Walking Dead universe will be on hand to trot out its cast and crew while also showing a sneak peek.

12:45 pm – World of Capcom (Room 6BCF). Capcom employees will be on hand to show off clips and shit from their upcoming games.

1:30 pm – Paper Girls (Ballroom 20). A brand new sci-fi series on Amazon Prime based on the comic book of the same name. Cast and crew Q&A as well as a sneak peek. Man, it’s like all these panels are exactly the same.

1:30 pm – The Walking Dead (Hall H). Hey, remember The Walking Dead? It’s still going and is on its final season. Will Rick come back? Does anyone care about this show anymore? Are you going to sign up for AMC+ so you can watch the episodes a week early?

cowabunga collection

2:00 pm – Rick & Morty: The Vindicators (Indigo Ballroom, Hilton). We’re finally at the Rick & Morty spin-off phase of Earth’s slow descent into oblivion. Come join the cast and crew for audience Q&A and a sneak peek.

3:00 pm – Bob’s Burgers (Indigo Ballroom, Hilton). Hey guess what’s going to happen in this panel, yep, fan Q&A with the cast and crew plus a sneak peek at the upcoming season.

3:00 pm – Keanu Reeves (Hall H). Keanu will be on hand to take a lot of really, really bad questions.

3:15 pm – TMNT Cowabunga Collection (Room 6BCF). Multiple classic TMNT video games will be bundled together in one awesome collection. The development team will be on hand to give a sneak peek of what the collection will hold and, maybe, a release date?

dragon ball super hero

3:30 pm – The Multiverse of David Dastmalchian (Room 5AB). Hollywood’s newest it-guy character actor, David Dastmalchian, will be on hand to discuss his career and what’s next.

4:30 pm – Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Hall H). Come catch the first 20 minutes of the upcoming theatrical film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and celebrate over 35 years of Dragon Ball.

5:00 pm – Archer (Indigo Ballroom, Hilton). Woah, MORE Q&A with cast and crew, followed by sneak peeks of the upcoming seasons. Who would have thought?!

5:45 pm – The Walking Dead: Last Mile (Room 6BCF). The last The Walking Dead panel of the day, this time to discuss the brand new Facebook Games interactive story, with the plot driven by people on Facebook.

mega64 comedy

6:30 pm – Green Lantern: Beware My Power Screening (Ballroom 20). Come watch the brand new DC film from Warner Bros. Animation.

7:00 pm – The Great North (Room 6BCF). I’ll give you three guesses what’s happening in this panel. No, not murder.

7:30 pm – Mega64 Panel Resurrections (Room 5AB). The most important panel of the entire con. If you aren’t coming to the Mega64 panel then you can just go to hell.

9:15 pm – Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and Karaoke Party (Room 6DE). Come join all the other theatre geeks and sing along to the show that even the most nerdy Comic-Con attendee looks at and goes, “eww, look at these dorks“.