Best Video Game Song Tournament, 2013-2016: Final Results and Housekeeping

Bronze Medal Match:

Shovel KnightAn Underlying Problem (The Lost City)98TransistorThe Spine

By a margin of a single vote, Shovel Knight’s “An Underlying Problem (The Lost City)” triumphs over Transistor’s “The Spine”. Chiptune > trip hop, it’s officially science now.


Persona 5Last Surprise610UndertaleHopes and Dreams

By a margin of several votes, our winner is Undertale’s “Hopes and Dreams”! Honestly this isn’t one of the Undertale songs I would have guessed could win, but this game has maybe the most celebrated OST of the era (Toby Fox gets to compose for Pokémon on the reg now!) so a victory is fitting. Persona 5 taking silver is also well-deserved, even if many people saw it coming, contrary to “Last Surprise”‘s claims.

And that’s a wrap! We’ll open nominations for the 2017-2020 tournament on Monday September 5th. (AKA when the US observes Labor Day; having the day off will make it easier to get on top of nominations!)