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The 8th hearing of the January 6th Committee is scheduled for primetime viewing tonight at 8 PM. While the schedule has varied, the first hearing was held in the evening and had the largest audience. But, instead of fizzling out, the hearings have actually increased interest with CNN and MSNBC reporting an increase in viewers. This also holds true on the internet with searches like “when is the next Jan. 6 committee hearing” trending regularly.  

CNN averaged 1.5 million viewers during the hearing that day; 2.1 million for hearing #4; 2.4 million for hearing #5; and 2.6 million for hearing #6. MSNBC has gained audience over time too.

So while figures in more traditional media like tv or radio may not be a crazy amount, it shows an increase in interest over time that could be reflected in other ways, such as streaming. Ratings are, of course, problematic on its face. But it’s important that viewership trends show that people are watching the hearings. The public is soaking up the information that committee is presenting. Are the right people watching? The uninformed, the fence sitters? Trump loyalists are definitely not. But the squishy, centrist people are and that’s something, I guess.

The hearing is expected to cover Trump’s actions following his speech at the Ellipse up until he called on the rioters to leave in his Rose Garden video. So about three hours of time. The committee will also look at additional information about Trump’s return to the White House, whether he did try to grab the steering wheel, whether he did attempt to attack his driver. You know, real Presidential shit. Secret Service agents have claimed that they would testify under oath that he did not. But given their track record right now, I wouldn’t trust them at all.

It will also look into who was talking to Trump, what they were talking to him about, and importantly, what Trump would be aware of. Those expected to testify are Matthew Pottinger, a former National Security official, and Sarah Matthews, a former Deputy Press Secretary. Both resigned immediately in the wake of the attack. It will also look into the creation of the Rose Garden video, as well as tweets made by the President. Also, tweets not made? Apparently the National Archives has preserved the ones in his drafts as well.




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