The 13 July Night Thread of Frozen Food

Frozen food was invented in 1780 BC, but grocery stores weren’t able to store them properly.

The first commercial food freezing operation was founded in Australia in 1861, but focused on frozen meats mostly.

While frozen vegetables were around for awhile, the results were mushy and gross. From 1912 to 1926, Clarence Birdseye (this isn’t a joke, that was his actual name) worked along the First Nations people in Newfoundland as a fur trapper. He noticed that the fisherman’s catch would freeze almost instantly, and that months later when defrosted, the fish retained its texture and flavor. In 1920, Birdseye noticed that picking peas and freezing them immediately resulted in much more colorful vegetables. In 1927, he had applied for a patent for a two plate freezing machine, which flash froze the vegetables between two metal plates at -13 degrees F. In 1928, he unveiled the double belt freezer, which frozen food technology has been based on ever since.

So, raise a plate of defrosted vegetables in celebration! Or, as I would do, use some frozen strawberries in a smoothie… or a daquiri… whatever you want, I’m not your boss.