Esther makes her “First Kill” in a trailer for an Orphan prequel that is happening

Orphan was a 2009 horror movie featuring a little girl named Esther who was very creepy. There are plenty of evil kid movies out there, but Orphan set itself apart from them with a pretty nifty plot twist that you probably didn’t guess unless you saw that one episode of Batman: The Animated Series. I recall quite liking the film, but I haven’t watched it since theaters, though I will say that “I am not your FUCKING mother!” deserves to be a classic movie quote even though it isn’t one.

Anyway, I guess Orphan must’ve gained some popularity since it came out? It did decent but not especially notable box office business, and many audiences found it overly disturbing due to its subject matter (even though it’s really not that violent). But here we are, 13 years later, and Esther is back, albeit in a prequel, since Orphan left Esther super duper dead at the bottom of a frozen lake. Orphan: First Kill will chronicle the time that Esther fucked with another family before she fucked with the family from the first movie, and going by the title, she is presumably going to do some killing…for the first time!

Be warned that the trailer seems to give away a lot, but it does the job of making me game for an Orphan prequel.

Orphan: First Kill will arrive in “select theaters” (meaning it will only play in a handful of them out of contractional obligation) this August, but you’ll be able to stream it on Paramount+ as well. Looks like I may wait just a bit longer to use that free trial so I can watch this without paying because I’m awesome like that.