The Book Nook Seemed Like a Nice Place to Have Bad Habits In (7/6)

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He took a big swig from his scotch, spilling a quantity of it. No, he did not have too much too drink, thank you. This week is all about crime he thought. Or crime fiction, rather, hoping that this oh so clever distinction would divide attention away from him. The bartender looked at him quizzically as he’d laughed to himself. So what, let him laugh. He probably gets half a dozen of pathetic losers like him in an hour in this place, the only refuge for fellas who can’t stand sitting around the house anymore with its unhappy wives and screaming kids and bills needing to be paid and…

He took another sip, careful to not spill any this time. He didn’t need the attention from the bartender, with his sharp but unassuming seeming eyes.

It hadn’t always been like this. Of course it hadn’t. No story starts out like this, unhappy and resentful at life. The only question was, was he man enough to do what it takes? To bring the ultimate sacrifice?

It wasn’t a question that needed answering this very minute, he thought. Luckily. The thing holding him back mostly was the stories. In stories things always go wrong for the guys (and gals, he supposed) committing what he was about to do. Because they weren’t smart, or because they were foolish enough to become suspicious of anyone. Of course, that’s what the stories need. Committing a crime and getting away with it is a boring story.

Except in real life. The cops didn’t give a shit what you did as long as you didn’t do it too ostentatiously. He looked at his hands, those hands that had gotten away with it once, twice, who knows. And were about to get away with it again, probably.

He finished his drink and turned to the barkeep.

“Say, what’s your favorite crime novel?”

(excerpt from the nonexistent novel The Violent Blood Runs Deep)

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  • If you’re joining me in reading The Dark Tower series, please make sure to have finished The Gunslinger on July 10th.
  • The second group, hosted by Pershing48 will read the short story collection Homesick for Another World by Ottessa Moshfegh. First thread for that book will go live tomorrow, by which point he’d like everyone to have read up to and including “An Honest Woman”.(Threads will go live at noon EDT).