The Cycling Thread wants to know the furthest you’ve ever cycled

Title says it all. What is the greatest distance you’ve ever cycled, Avocados?

I watched a video perhaps last year (or the year before? Every year since 2020 has been a temporal blur) which indicated, if I’m remembering correctly, cycling something like 20km per day in Winter, when inclement weather makes cycling a less-attractive prospect, if you’ve been cycling more than that in the Summer, is enough to maintain the level of fitness you’ve spent the Summer working up to. Much like lifting weights, cycling fitness is, apparently, fairly easy to maintain.

The longest distances I’ve ever cycled aren’t incredible. 60 kilometers from Victoria to Swartz Bay and back, and something comparable from Nuremburg to Erlangen and back, and Bad Salzig to Koblenz and back, but there were also no stops involved in any of these trips, just straight rides and back.

(this week’s pic: the Joli between Belgium and the Netherlands, northeast of Bruges)