The July 1st Day Thread remembers a super dope boss theme

In the Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne you fight a boss named Ludwig. He’s a giant, weird looking horse-monster man. His theme is probably my favorite bit of music in any FromSoft game (and they have a lot of great music). During the first phase of the fight, the boss’s name appears as “Ludwig the Accursed”, and the music is some choice choral and strings arrangement. After the first phase is done, a short cutscene plays, and Ludwig pulls out a big glowy sword, has his honorific changed to “the Holy Blade” and starts doing some awesome attacks.

The body horror on Ludwig is probably a bit much, so enjoy my artists’ depiction of this moment.

The music also takes a turn for the awesome, with brass coming in and the tune become more sweeping and bombastic.

All in all it’s a banger of a song (composed by Nobuyoshi Suzuki) and a testament to the FromSoft team’s skill at molding the visual and the aural into an unforgettable experience.