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The Friday Politics Thread: For That Good, Clean Feeling No Matter What

Hello, and welcome back to Fridays. I am back from Pride and it was a blast! I wore cute clothes, hung out with cute people, and pet some cute cats. All in all a great personal five days! Now it’s time for our weekly wrapup.

  • By Xiran Jay Zhao: The First Emperor of China’s Ridiculously Dramatic Life

Today’s Trans Musician is Willmer “Little Axe” Broadnax a Gospel Singer. Broadnax for decades toured the country with his Brother Willmer “Big Axe” Broadnax in a couple of Gospel groups. Broadnax had an amazing Tenor voice that critic Ray Funk wonderfully describes as “sweet but almost vicious, dripping with emotion.” In Addition to touring with his own groups Broadnax also toured with popular groups of the day such as The Golden Echoes and The Spirit Of Memphis Quartet. It was only discovered that Broadnax was Trans after his death in the early 90s.

Listen closely at 1:04 for an amazing transition between Paul Foster and Wilmer Broadnax

Well, that’s all she wrote. Remember the Golden Rule, The Red Handle Rule, The Mcsquirrel Rule, The Headphone Princess Is The Best Rule, and The Abe Lincoln Law “Be Excellent To Each Other”