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New day, new hearings, new rulings expected from the Supreme Court

It’s going to be a DAY today. I’m writing this Monday afternoon from my office in Georgia. So don’t snitch on me.

So here’s who’s on deck for the January 6th Committee:

Here’s what’s coming down the pike from SCOTUS. Maybe they’re trying to cram in all their bad news under the cover of the hearings. It won’t work. I’m just so friggin’ depressed by what we know is coming.

And I’m going to wrap up with some good news, because lord knows we’re going to need it today.

So there’s my three. We will probably have a separate thread for the hearing today, we’ll post a link when it goes up.

Be kind, stay cool (it is damn hot out there!), and behave. No threatening anybody please, follows the rules. Today is liable to be a tough one for a lot of people if SCOTUS does what we think they’re going to do. So use a little extra grace today.