Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (6/21)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place on the Avocado to discuss films with your fellow commenters. Want to make a recommendation? Looking for recommendations? Want to share your opinions of movies, both new and classic?

This week, Baz Luhrmann becomes a Colonel Tom Parker to a young up-and-comer named Austin Butler in the musical biopic, Elvis.

This brings us to today’s bonus prompt: what is the best Baz Luhrmann film?

Luhrmann is not the most prolific filmmaker. Counting Elvis, Luhrmann has only made six films in thirty years. Oh, but what films they are. The sets are unashamedly theatrical. His music is modern and bombastic. (Luhrmann is the producer on all his motion picture soundtracks and has writing credits on individual tracks.) His stars look lavish and cartoonish at the same time.

The western/war film Australia may be his most standard film, trading in the glitz and glamour for the dusty life of a cattle rancher. The world of Baz Luhrmann — from Strictly Ballroom to Romeo + Juliet to Moulin Rouge to The Great Gatsby — is full of dancing, sequins, and anachronistic musical numbers. Why are turn of the 20th Century dancers performing “Smells Like Teen Spirit”? Because we can can can.