The Juneteenth Federally-Recognized-Holiday-Monday Politics Thread

Black Americans living abroad reflect on Juneteenth

As the United States marks only the second federally recognized Juneteenth, Black Americans living overseas have embraced the holiday as a day of reflection and an opportunity to educate people in their host countries on Black history.

AP News

D.C.’s Enslavers Got Reparations. Freed People Got Nothing.

The District of Columbia Compensation Act, signed by Lincoln, allocated $1 million dollars from the U.S. Treasury to pay off enslavers. If calculated as a proportion of total federal expenditure, this would amount to a staggering $12 billion today. The act also appropriated $100,000 from the federal budget (about $1.2 billion today, if calculated as percentage of total federal spending) to promote the relocation of freed black people from Washington, D.C., to Liberia, the American colony in Africa, and to Haiti. This plan remained unrealized, but fundamentally stemmed from the widespread belief among American antislavery proponents, including Lincoln, that civic peace for whites required the departure of most freed Black people to distant places. Lincoln began changing his views on colonization only in late 1862, as he came to recognize the role that African Americans were playing, and would continue to play, in winning the Civil War.


Juneteenth was finally recognized as a federal holiday. Then came commercialization.

“Companies that are having these picnics for their employees and feeding them fried chicken and watermelon — who made that call?” Torrina Harris of Galveston, Texas, quipped.

NBC News

In the shadow of Texas limits on voting rights and lessons about race in school, Juneteenth celebrates Black history, progress and families

Amid a rise in conservative efforts opposed to teaching the lingering impacts of slavery and racism, the descendants of formerly enslaved people are using the Juneteenth holiday to educate younger generations.

Texas Tribune

Thousands of Cattle Die From Intense Heat in US

Cattle are dying by the thousands in Kansas this week because of an intense heat wave, NPR reported Thursday. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment confirmed at least 2,000 head of cattle died in the southwestern part of the state, but it may be even worse than officials know.


The Southwest’s unchecked thirst for Colorado River water could prove devastating upstream

“It takes millions of gallons of water for a golf course,” Tharrett said. “It’s going to reach a point when people have to decide, ‘Do I survive or do I play golf? Should I have a lawn in the desert or pay a $100 for a basket of berries?'”


Uvalde Hires Private Law Firm to Argue It Doesn’t Have to Release School Shooting Public Records

Some of the records relating to the Robb Elementary School shooting could be “highly embarrassing,” involve “emotional/mental distress,” and are “not of legitimate concern to the public,” the lawyers argued.


Reports: Biden admin orders ammo maker to stop selling 5.56 rounds to Americans

In an effort to severely limit the sale of ammo used in AR-15s, the U.S. military has ordered Winchester – which manages the U.S. Army’s Lake City ammunition plant – to stop selling its excess M855/SS109 (5.56mm) ammo to the public, The Truth About Guns reported citing a source close to the matter.

American Military News

28 years ago today: The O.J. Simpson police chase that captivated L.A. and the nation

O.J. Simpson tried to evade police and flee from a San Fernando Valley home. The trek kickstarted a two-hour slow-speed chase that paralyzed businesses and left West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip deserted as residents scrambled to the nearest TV to watch as Simpson’s every move was chronicled live.

LA Times

Meet a medical school graduate with over $360,000 in student loans and says $10,000 forgiveness wouldn’t make a difference for people in his position

The conversation around student loan payments and potential forgiveness, McGough said, has neglected to mention that for many in the medical field or at the graduate level, loans don’t just pay for tuition but for everyday living expenses, meaning they can rack up pretty quickly.


US travelers face new wave of chaos as flight cancellations continue

Travelers were subjected to a new wave of flight chaos across the US on Sunday, with about 1,000 flights cancelled. The toll added to about 14,000 flights within, out of, or into the US that were cancelled or delayed on Friday and Saturday.

The Guardian

Muslim shelter opens in Tijuana

Three years ago, a local Latino-Muslim nonprofit started raising funds to open the first Muslim shelter for refugees and asylum seekers in Tijuana. On Saturday, it opened its doors.

San Diego Tribune

Black Lady Got School Job In Georgia, And The White Parents Went Wilding

Wow, a plum job, and it was in a district that would be an easy commute to Lewis’s husband’s new corporate assignment. The couple went house hunting in Georgia, hooray! There was only one little teensy problem; Lewis had enthusiastically taken a job involving diversity and equity just as the rightwing outrage machine was ramping up its paranoid campaign against “critical race theory,” which was getting boffo audience response on Fox News and throughout rightwing media. Lying about schools allegedly teaching that all white people are evil was making rightwing white people SO ANGRY, even if no schools were actually teaching that. Just saying that “white privilege” exists is exactly the same, wasn’t it? (It is not. Do we need to say that?)


Where science meets fiction: the dark history of eugenics

The scientist and author Dr Adam Rutherford looks at how the study of genetics has been warped for political ends

The Guardian

Life expectancy for Native Americans has stagnated — even long before Covid

Native American and Alaska Native populations were the only Americans to see no increase whatsoever in life expectancy in the two decades preceding the Covid pandemic, living 73.1 years on average in 2019 — nearly six years less than white Americans.


GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger: ‘My party has utterly failed the American people at truth’

In an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” when asked if he thinks Trump should be prosecuted, Kinzinger told host George Stephanopoulos, “I certainly think the president is guilty of knowing what he did, seditious conspiracy, being involved in these, you know, kind of different segments of pressuring the DOJ, vice president, et cetera.”


GOP impeachment backers wrestle with their own political survival after Tom Rice’s loss

“You impeach the Ultra MAGA king, you get the boot,” said firebrand Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, a Trump ally and vocal supporter of the attempts to overturn the 2020 election.


Republicans introduce bill to defund John Kerry, other Biden ‘climate tyrants’

Eight lawmakers led by Rep. Chip Roy target funding, saying Biden policies have spawned the gasoline price crisis in America.

Just The News

‘An Evangelical Childhood is a Total Mindfuck’ New Memoir Recounts the Anxiety and Thrills of Growing Up a Conservative Christian

For Marsh, now a professor of religious studies at the University of Virginia, the imperatives of “purity” inherent in his religious education, the ever-present narrative of a cosmic battle between a righteous God and the ruinous temptations of Satan, led to both crippling anxiety and years of afternoons spent on an analyst’s couch. For the reader, the book is an erudite glimpse into the psychology of white evangelicalism and how the current proliferation of white Christian nationalism could spring from the religious imperatives Marsh details. Rolling Stone recently talked with him about religion, mindfucks, and mental health.

Rolling Stone

The Tax Scam That Won’t Die

The IRS, the Justice Department and Congressional Republicans and Democrats are all trying to put an end to syndicated conservation easements. But with lobbyists like Henry Waxman helping lead the resistance, the efforts have had little effect.


‘They’re like our nerd warriors’: How the Treasury Department is waging economic war on Russia

“The US government has watched a narrative of ‘Look at Russia — look at the high value of the ruble, wow, Russia has really got these sanctions beat!’ and we’ve been like, ‘No!’ That’s the wrong message to take,'” said a senior Treasury official, detailing the months of work they have spent crafting sanctions against Russia.


Philippines: Sara Duterte sworn in as vice-president

She took the oath beside her running mate, Ferdinand Marcos Junior, who will soon replace her father as president.


Millions stranded as floods ravage parts of Bangladesh, India, more rain forecast

Monsoon rains caused widespread flooding in northeastern Bangladesh and India, stranding nearly 6 million people and killing at least 19 people in Bangladesh, authorities said on Saturday, warning the situation could worsen.


France elections: Macron’s bloc loses parliamentary majority

French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance has lost its parliamentary majority, on the back of record results for the far left in second place and the far right in third.

Deutsche Welle

Ukraine mourns ‘our golden generation’ killed on frontlines

The death of Roman Ratushnyi, 24, a prominent environmental campaigner who died while fighting the Russians, has come to symbolise the war’s heavy toll on society

The Guardian

Sacred Warlpiri objects returned from American University

Seven sacred Indigenous objects have been returned to central Australia from an American university.


Afghanistan gurdwara attack: Sikhs say ‘We don’t feel safe’

Afghanistan was once home to tens of thousands of Sikhs and Hindus, but decades of conflict have seen the number dwindle to a tiny handful.


Ecuador declares force majeure for oil, state of exception over protests

Ecuador’s state-owned oil company Petroecuador declared force majeure late on Saturday over the impact of protests against the government’s social and economic policies in the Andean country, while President Guillermo Lasso tried to clamp down on unrest.


‘Women are treated like walking incubators’: Malta’s fight for abortion

The island nation is the only country in the EU in which termination is still illegal under any circumstances, forcing women to have the procedure abroad or else risk prosecution. But women’s rights groups are pushing for change

The Guardian

East Germany’s 1953 uprising: Values ‘still at stake’ in war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine “painfully reminds us” how vulnerable democratic values are, officials said during an event marking the 1953 uprising in East Germany. The revolt was quashed in a brutal crackdown by Soviet forces.

Deutsche Welle

Israel strikes Gaza after rocket fire breaks two-month lull

A military observation balloon fell in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip on Friday.

Jerusalem Post

Tunisians protest against constitution referendum as opposition grows

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Tunis on Saturday in opposition to a referendum on a new constitution called by President Kais Saied that would cement his hold on power.


Belgium to return Patrice Lumumba’s gold tooth in bid to atone for colonial crimes

The Belgian government will return a tooth of Patrice Lumumba to his family this week, hoping to draw a line under one of the most brutal and shameful episodes in the country’s bloody exploitation of central Africa.

The Guardian

What hurdles do Ukraine and Moldova face on the path to EU membership?

The European Commission has recommended candidate status for Ukraine. Just over three months after being invaded by Russia, Kyiv has cleared the first hurdle on the road to membership.

Deutsche Welle

Meet Ms. Marvel Star Iman Vellani, Who Brings an Iconic Origin Story to Kamala Khan

The actress felt an emotional parallel to Kamala’s coming of age. Growing up, Iman felt like her Western interests in cinema and Hollywood and even the MCU were inherently in opposition to being able to appreciate her cultural roots. “I went on a very similar journey, rediscovering my identity and falling in love with everything that makes me unique. It sounds super cheesy, but it’s true. That’s why I connected with the [Ms. Marvel] comics so deeply. I just felt like they were written about me.”

Teen Vogue

Michigan GOP Kills Pride Month Resolution Because It’s Pro-LGBTQ+

The state’s Senate majority leader wanted a disclaimer that referred to LGBTQ+ people’s “lifestyle.”


Obama Urges To ‘Treat Dreamers Like the Americans They Are’ On DACA Anniversary

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that protects undocumented immigrants who arrive as minors turns ten today.

The Root

The Democrats’ New Spokesman in the Culture Wars

The left desperately needs someone to stand up to Republicans’ rights rollback. Is Gavin Newsom up to the task?

The Atlantic

We’ve had a gay superhero all along thanks to Kevin Conroy

The Dark Knight may lurk in the shadows, but the voice actor has been pretty forthcoming about his life as a gay man over the years, opening up in interviews about his experiences voicing the (canonically straight) superhero and living through the AIDS crisis.


Starbucks Threatens to Take Away Trans Rights at Stores That Unionize

For a company that touts its progressive values, this is a venti-sized problem.

Teen Vogue

Baseball player who inspired ‘A League of Their Own’ publicly comes out at 95

Maybelle Blair wants young gay athletes to know they “don’t have to hide.”


Biden signs executive order to fight anti-LGBTQ state bills

The order aims to expand access to gender affirming care and advance LGBTQ-inclusive learning environments at American schools.

NBC News

Meet Mariachi Arcoiris, the First All LGBTQ+ Band of its Kind

Pride month is all about celebrating LGBTQ+ trailblazers — from past and present — helping further representation for the queer community. Those who have and are currently pushing boundaries and being queer while doing so. One band, Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles, is doing just that. They are the first and only all-LGBTQ+ mariachi band and are set to play in a performance line-up filled with other queer Latine talent.