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The Friday Politics Thread It’s What’s For Dinner

I’m making this thread late so there’s no real preamble I just have another Trans and/or Non-Binary Artist to show to you!

Today’s Musician is Emmy Award-Winning, Watership Down Score Composing, First Openly Trans Person ever nominated for an Academy Awarding Film and Tv Composer Angela Morley! Seriously Morley is an unsung Legend! She worked with John Williams for a time and helped him Orchestrate the music for STAR WARS, SUPERMAN AND EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, AND ET. Her Tv Work is full of big names too with a resume that includes music for Dallas, Wonder Woman, Dynasty Musical Direction for The Goon Show, and many others. She also had an amazing Pop career as the Musical Director for the British side of Philips Records and arranged work for artists like Dusty Springfield, Marlene Dietrich, and Shirley Bassey (together they scored a Number 1 Hit with As I Love You). Her Career is so massive you’re probably humming some of her work just incidentally at any given moment and she certainly deserves to be a bigger name in the field of popular music, Hell I haven’t even mentioned her early career as a composer of Light Easy Listening Music (and it is damn good music to listen easily too very classy.) (As an aside in 2015 The BBC and Sarah Wooley made a biographical Radio Drama about Morley called 1977 it focuses on the composing of Watership Down and stars the also incredibly talented Rebecca Root.)

That’s it for this week! Please Check out my ongoing Pride Month Article for more Queer Music. Remember to Praise Garbage Ape, Save McSquirrel, Poggle Hog, and Give thanks to the One Who Wrangles The Clams.