Smoke Monster Night Thread (6/17)

This night thread is dedicated to the Smoke Monster. When it was first introduced, we could not see it. It did bring down trees, so it was obviously massive. It also made clanking, mechanical sounds.

Maybe it was some sort of robotic dinosaur. A security system put in place by the Dharma Initiative, perhaps? The same made scientists that surrounded the island with a hypersonic fence?

No, dead reader! It turns out that the sounds came from a Smoke Monster, which was a… which was an… ancient … shapeshifting …. god or something? Typically, it takes the form of Terry O’Quinn, Titus Welliver, or Jack’s dad. Jacob says that the Smoke Monster is pure evil, and if it ever escaped the island it would be the end of everything good.

It became an iconic TV villain… but I still wanted the robotic dinosaur.