30 Day Wild Card Challenge Day 17: Going On Vacation

We’re changing things up for the month of June by doing a “wild card” approach where there is no theme other than my own whims. Every day can shift gears, wildly, from one topic to the next!

Today, let’s talk about vacations and getaways! There are all kinds of ways to get away, including some really good staycations as well, and today we want to hear about your favorite places to go on vacation or the dream vacation that you’ve still got plans for. Was it something when you were a kid that meant the most or was it as an adult?

Bonus: The old saying is “It’s great to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there” – which place have you vacationed that you would want to live there?

Extra Bonus: Hit us up with a fictional place you’d vacation in a heartbeat.