Sand Cats!

The Sand Cat Night Thread (June 15, 2022)

This feline might look like a real cutie pie, but the diminutive sand cat is a fearsome hunter uniquely suited amongst its species for living in the desert. They’re found in the deserts of Africa’s Sahara, the Arabian Peninsula and parts of central Asia. They don’t need to drink, gaining all the moisture they need from their prey, which include rodents, insects, and even venomous snakes. To the Saharan peoples it’s known as “the cat that digs” because their heavily furred paws are excellent for burrowing to escape the daytime heat. Because of their aforementioned furry paws which protect them on the burning hot sand, they also leave no trace, their precise habitats are difficult to track and are rarely seen in the wild.

Sand Cat

Have a super night and remember to take care of yourselves, everypeeps!