Weekly Games Thread Wants to Hear Your Most Positive Take Ever

Happy Monday, everyone! Welcome to the Weekly Games Thread!

Two weeks ago, one of our Games Thread prompts asked for hot takes. It made me think about how a lot of the time, gaming “hot takes” are often really negative. That didn’t turn out to be the case on Monday, where people had a variety of scintillating opinions (as is, of course, our charter here at the Avocado). But it did make me want to have a prompt that was positive—like, really positive.

And so, I want to hear a gaming take that’s as happy, positive, and from the heart as possible. Want to talk up an unpopular game? have at it. Want to talk up a popular one? That’s good, too. What gameplay mechanic or storytelling trope excites you whenever you see it? What mascot just makes you happy? And what kind of great game do you just wanna highlight? Now that my Kingdom Hearts series is done, I’m definitely looking for some fun new games.

Don’t take this as a demand that you not have negative comments! I’m just excited to hear people happy, especially since the summer gaming news season can get so intense. And whether you liked them or not, what kinds of gaming experiences did you enjoy this weekend?