Triviacados: Sunday, June 12, 2022

Can the first person here each day create multiple Results threads (the first ones for Wordle, etc., and the last one for Sporcle trivia)?

Quiz Type: Clickable / Forced Order

Quiz Note: This quiz is designed to have a clear one-to-one correspondence of clue-sets to matching categories. It is conceivable that one could forcibly ‘stretch’ the interpretation of a category to envelop another foursome, but this would result in an ‘unmatchable’ category left over at the end. Therefore it is recommended that you scroll forward and return to any sets you are not yet clear are a truly reasonable match.

Or visit the quiz here.

Sunday: Miscellaneous
Monday: Literature
Tuesday: Geography
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: History
Friday: Movies & TV
Saturday: Science & Nature

If you’d like to create the Sunday quiz (or use a quiz you’ve already created), just let forget_it_jake know on the Triviacados thread.