30 Day Wild Card Challenge Day 12: Your Culinary Greatness

We’re changing things up for the month of June by doing a “wild card” approach where there is no theme other than my own whims. Every day can shift gears, wildly, from one topic to the next!

Today, let’s talk about cooking! A lot of people seriously got into cooking during the early days of the pandemic and there was a boom in all sorts of culinary aspects of life. With the passage of time, have you kept up with it if you got into then? If you did a lot of cooking beforehand, what’s your specialty?  

Bonus: Do you cook with someone and if so, what’s your specialty and what makes the experience memorable?

Extra Bonus: What’s one food that triggers a really big memory or moment for you unlike anything else.

Triple Bonus: Do you have an inherited recipe that you still make?