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The Friday Politics Thread: Now With Fewer Calories

Hello and welcome back to Fridays. We’re currently watching the fallout of Day 1 of The January 6 Insurrections. For my take I was aware of a lot of this stuff but seeing it all in context and presented linearly really sells for me how preplanned this all was! Scary shit and I hope we don’t see a repeat of it. Now it is time for our headline roundup!

I discovered Nomi Ruiz today’s Trans Artist a few days ago when I stumbled upon a small indie film called Haymaker she is one of the two leads in Haymaker is essentially a low-budget remake of The Bodyguard where Costner is replaced by Director/Writer/Producer Nick Sasso who stars as a retired Muy Thai fighter who gets a job as a Bodyguard for the incredible and popular Trans Singer Nomi (in the Whitney Houston role obviously.) Despite boasting a surprisingly good score, a cheap genre picture refreshingly free of transphobia or trans fetishization (Nomi is sexy in this movie but the film is very careful to not leer at her,) and a fun star turn from Nomi herself it is not a good film and I do not recommend anyone go and see it. The Film’s main issues come from Nick Sasso. He is not a good actor and spends most of it just standing around like a wooden plank. His direction and writing also leaves something to be desired as the film often attempts (poorly) an imitation of a Refn film and the dialogue is all stilted. The one thing from the movie you should experience is the song Like A Ghost that was made for the movie.

The Music Video looks Amazing the Movie does not

That’s it for this week! Support Trans Kids, Don’t Hog Poggle, Save The McSquirrel Clan, Support Your Local Clam Fighter, and Be Excellent To Each Other