Let’s Talk About Comix

PSST…you….yeah you….today the Comic Book Chat is taking a journey to the dark corners of the comic community to talk about underground comix. Yes – that’s spelled correctly with an X! We are taking a walk off the beaten path to talk about the offbeat comic and comix that our parents and guardians tried to warn us about. The art, the stories – the ones that would damage us beyond reproach.

Let’s talk about your favorite artists and writers. Let’s light a candle for Our Man Crumb and (Uncle) Harvey Pekar. Maybe there’s an art journal or magazine you came across and want to heap praise on. Let’s dip our toes together and share an experience that will be one to remember.

This journey isn’t for the weak of heart! Let’s try to keep it as NSFW as possible and remember the guidelines put forth by the moderators. You can push the envelope as far as you want but lets not overstep the boundaries of good (or is that bad?) taste.