Artist Interview : Killing Karens

I caught up with American Disco Punks Killing Karens on their recent UK tour in support of Oh My God! It’s The Church. Their show is a multimedia dance fest of infectious grooves and high speed riffs I can highly recommend seeing if you get the chance.

So, who are Killing Karens? How would you introduce yourself to the fine folks of The Avocado? 

Killing Karens are multi-instrumentalists, Raid Max and Didi T. We’ve been lurking in the seedy music venues of the US and UK since 4 BC (Before Coronavirus). Then in late 2021, we found ourselves reborn into Karen-fighting electro-punk cyborgs. It was super weird. 

You’ve been touring the UK with Oh My God! It’s The Church, how have you found the place so far?  

It’s wonderful!  OMGITC are amazing and we loved getting to jump up and down to their MASSIVE set every night. Even though we’ve encountered a good number of Karens here in the UK, they’ve been surprisingly easy to kill which is always great. 

I like drugs. Also that’s the name of one of your songs. What are your top 3 drugs?

Yes!  Drugs are great, aren’t they?  Oh wow!  Hmm. It’s almost impossible to choose between Paracetamol and Ibuprofen so they’d be joint number 1.  Then probably ethanol, and if it were up to Didi T, Benadryl would take the 3rd spot.  

What’s next for you? Any upcoming live dates or festivals? What’s the plan for new releases?

We’ve heard there are quite a few new Karen infestations that are getting out of control in America so we’ll be heading to the west coast later this summer.  Our songs “Manager” and “Abortion Vigilantes” will be released to coincide with those US dates!