The Book Nook Is Starting a Book Club (6/1)

Welcome to the Book Nook! The weekly thread for all book nerds on The Avocado.
This is the place to talk about books you’re currently reading, discuss genres, ask for recommendations, and post serious literary criticism.

Because of popular demand, and because I could’ve sworn we already had one but that seems to be discontinued, I think it’s time to bring back the ol’ Avocado Book Club (I’m all ears if you have a better title though).

And as I’ve been wanting to re-read the series for quite a long time now, and you have to go in swinging for the fences, I’d love to start with Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. I know it’s quite a commitment (7 books) and the books are certainly a mixed bag, but that’s exactly why it would be fun to read together! Plus we’d do a book a month, so as to have plenty of time for other novels, or to make sure to finish the doorstoppers that are the final three books.

So please let me know if you’re interested! Also, I’d love to hear your suggestions for other novels we could tackle after this as well.

I would like this thread to continue to be a NO GIF/YouTube/social media embed zone as much as possible. Please use your words insteadThanks, and happy posting!