The Day Thread of Bazine Netal

Bazine Netal was an alias used by a human female mercenary. Born on the Inner Rim world Chaaktil, she was raised in an orphanage and began training under the former Kanjiklub pirate Delphi Kloda at his combat school. Eventually, she became a bounty hunter and eventually killed her former mentor Kloda during a mission.

First seen in The Force Awakens, she was the spy who alerted the First Order to the presence of BB-8 and the Rebels at Maz’s castle. Notable for her conspicuous makeup and distinctive black tipped fingers, which was from coating them in Rishi eel ink. This was a substance used by thieves and spies to keep them from leaving fingerprints. Seems odd to me to have a very noticeable paint on your hands that lets everyone know you’re a spy.

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