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WW 184 Signups: Bob’s Burgers

Why hello there. Why aren’t you spending what little money time you have at the Wonder Wharf?

My brother and I have quite a setup to unveil. The name of the game is role madness. Everyone will have something to do. Block captain, safety supervisor, handyman… Come new, come experienced, we employ all! You’d be surprised how many murders and attempted murders we already have working at the wharf.

The movie is in theaters today. Come join us!

We are looking for a minimum of 24 volunteers. We’ll max out at 36, so please don’t be shy.

Mods: The Brothers Fischoeder (Side & Queequeg)

Name: Mystery of the Were-Wharf: A Bob’s Burgers Werewolf Game




Independent (SK)

  1. Cork – This is Me Now Gene
  2. Marlowe – Mr Business
  3. Cop
  4. MacBelcher
  5. Hayes
  6. Grumproro
  7. Ralph
  8. sic – The Moody Foodie
  9. emm – Millie
  10. hoho
  11. InnDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED – Can of vegetables
  12. Josephus
  13. Chum
  14. spooky
  15. jake
  16. Nate
  17. MSD – Bad Kuchi Kopi
  18. raven
  19. Goat
  20. Wasp
  21. Lamb
  22. Narrow
  23. Owen
  24. Stoneheart
  25. Miss Rim – The Barefoot Contessa

Back ups:

  1. April

Players are NOT allowed to edit comments or directly quote from private chats without permission. Failure to comply may result in a mod-kill. You cannot name your role.

Night Action Order of Operations: Maximized for most action

Ties will result in all tied players being killed.

Should a GIROLT (Get It Right Or Lose Tonight) scenario occur, auto-kill will not come into effect until all living players have voted.

Please be respectful to all players. Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we are all here to have a good time.

(I love that Bob’s face is cut off in the image. On brand already)