Comic Book Review – Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme – Out of Time (2017)

Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme (2017)

Writer – Robbie Thompson

Artists – Javier Rodriguez and Nathan Stockman

When a new comic book movie is released in theaters, I, like many of you, want to read comics or trades featuring the heroes and villains featured in the film. I wanted to read a collection featuring The Master of the Mystic Arts and I came across Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme.

Merlin travels to the present-day Marvel Universe to recruit Dr. Strange for a mission of utmost importance – a creature called the Forgotten has been freed after years of imprisonment. Merlin and Dr. Strange travel to the past to fight this creature. These men join other Sorcerer Supremes handpicked from the past and future to put an end to the rampage caused by the Forgotten. Some will live, others will die, and secrets held by Merlin will come to light and cause a ripple of betrayal and mistrust through the group of assembled mages.

Out of all the trades I could have chosen through the library system featuring Dr. Strange, I lucked out with this one and was thrilled with my decision. When I was about halfway through the trade, I requested the second volume of Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme to see how this miniseries wrapped up.

Each issue delves into the backstory of a Sorcerer Supreme that was chosen by Merlin for his quest. There are some familiar faces we have already encountered at one time or another as well as a character or two that you’ll be shocked to discover was a Sorcerer Supreme at one time during their life. My favorite part of each issue is a double page spread that shows the different realms the group travels to when they are searching for weapons and books to stop the Forgotten. Issue Three features a tour through Merlin’s library that is reminiscent of a MC Escher drawing. Rodriguez and Stockman have free reign to take the reader on a journey to realms beyond our imagination, brought to stunning life thanks to the colors of Jordie Bellaire and Tamra Bonvillain. My favorite issue of the trade was Issue Six. The comic is set up like a Choose Your Own Adventure book and you must decide which way to go in order to reach the end of the story. I had to go back one time and figured out my way to end of the trade. Pretty good if I say so myself. If you end up reading the trade, please let me how you end up doing with the final issue.

I know it’s a leap, but I’d like to see this mini-series used as a short spinoff on Disney Plus or some of the Sorcerers Supreme get mentioned in a movie somewhere down the line. There is untapped potential with this series. At the very least, some of the characters could get their own comic book spinoff. I know one did but I won’t reveal who that is in my review.

If you want to grab a book to read either before or after seeing Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, I give this one my stamp of approval! If there is a Doctor Strange comic or trade you can recommend, drop a few in the comment section.