30 Day Star Wars Challenge Day 24: The Old Expanded Universe

Thanks to Mr. Ixolite for the prompts as we hit this special Star Wars month! May the Fourth Be With You!

It’s wild to consider now, but for a while, the most prolific part of the Star Wars brand was solely in the realm of comics and novels. Now consigned to non-canon “Legends” statues these countless works have a great many mocked storylines and elements, but also many fan-favorite characters and ideas. They certainly had an audience as seen by the return of one Admiral Thrawn, so for today, we want to know what your favorite characters and storylines from the now-defunct Expanded universe were? Are there any elements you wish the new canon would bring back or reinterpret?

Bonus: You know it, the worst characters and stories

Extra Bonus: What should remain dead and done?