WW183: Changing Channels — Day Five

As the Wolf Runs

NBC soap opera stars Liza Huber (R) from Passions and Brody Hutzler from Days Of Our Lives paint a metal heart at San Francisco’s Embarcadero May 14, 2004. 130 five foot tall fiberglass and metal hearts will be installed on San Francisco city street corners and plazas through out the summer. REUTERS/Kimberly White KW

You’re so used to the blurring and channel change by now, you’re unsurprised by it. What does surprise you is the figure walking towards you. It’s [Wasp]! You thought she died in that freak boating accident, but here she is!

Also, there was a freak plane crash with no survivors. Probably.

Goat / Trash Muppet is dead. He was Vanilla Town.
Mrs. Queequeg / Topanga’s Ever Changing Parents is dead. She was a Wolf.
Wasp / ??? is alive. She is ???.


7 Town Players

3 Background Characters (Vanilla Town)

Nurse with a Secret (Healer): You can save one player from death at Night. If the player you save is the Community Leader, you will both die. You cannot save yourself or save the same player two Nights in a row.

PI with a Secret (Investigator): You can investigate one player at Night to determine if they are a Background Character or Not a Background Character. If the player you investigate is the Sheriff, you will be jailed instead of their target. You cannot investigate yourself or investigate the same player two Nights in a row.

Sheriff with a Secret (Jailer): You can jail one player at Night. If you jail the Bomb, you and they will switch roles starting with the new Day.

Mysterious Stranger with a Secret (Bomb): You will explode if killed at Night and can name the player who dies with you.

3 Wolf Players

Delinquent Teenager with a Secret: You can graffiti an anonymous message that will appear in the Day 5 thread (featured post) or in the Day 6 header.

Community Leader with a Secret: You can pull some strings and appear as a Background Character if investigated Night 5.

Family Parriarch with a Secret: Your death will rock this insular community. If you die Night 5, you can choose to have another player die with you, by RNG.

1 SK Player

Elderly Neighbor with a Secret (SK) – You are so kind and such a mentor to your troubled town. You are also a serial killer who can kill one other player at Night. If you kill the Family Parriarch, your bloodlust will be slaked, and you will become Vanilla Town, while a previously VT player becomes the SK.

Speaking of the Serial Killer, their targets to this point have been Lamb – Nate – raven – Queequeg.

1 ??? Wasp

You cannot vote or be voted for. Your power is [???].

1 Doppelgänger Player

Daffy Doppelgänger: Each Night, you must pick a player to mimic. You will gain that player’s power (if any) and win condition. However, if that player dies while you are mimicking them, you will also die. You cannot mimic the same player two Nights in a row. If you mimic a Wolf, you will only get a Night kill if that Wolf is carrying out the Night kill. This role is immune to recruitment.


  1. Adam – Troy McClure
  2. April – Commercial Break (Doppelgänger)
  3. Chum – Mr. Rogers Mash-up Show Pitches
  4. Cop – Sam Beckett as X
  5. copywight – Dr. Lore, Medicine Android (Vanilla Town)
  6. Cork – Friendly Background Snail (Vanilla Town)
  7. emm – Kitty and TBD’s Variety Hour
  8. Goat – Trash Muppet (Vanilla Town)
  9. hoho – Jail bird Possum
  10. Josephus – Live Studio Audience (Vanilla Town)
  11. Kim – Monsta X Stan Account
  12. Lamb – Yuuko Aioi (Wolf)
  13. malthusc – Chidi Anna Kendrick (Vanilla Town)
  14. Marlowe – Ron Popeil
  15. MSD – WandaVision
  16. Nate – Guy Who Has A Few Lines While Loading Or Unloading A Truck (Vanilla Town)
  17. Persephone (Wasp) – Crocodile Mom (Vanilla Town)
  18. Queequeg – Topanga’s Ever Changing Parents (Wolf)
  19. Ralph – Pat Sajak (Vanilla Town)
  20. raven – N-ko (Vanilla Town)
  21. Sheleeta – Roomba
  22. Shinichiki – Totally Radical (Town Vig)
  23. Shipwreck – Famous Guest Star  (Vanilla Town)
  24. sic – The Previously Frozen Head of Walt Disney
  25. Side – That Loser Jerry (Town Vig)
  26. Thoughts – Tom Pari- I mean Nick Lucarno


No quoting or screencapping from Discord.

No editing any post without permission.

No discussing the game with a living player outside of the game threads and (sanctioned) Discord chats.

Night actions are mandatory.

Be chill: Attack arguments, not people.

If there is a tie at Twilight, all players except those tied will be subject to an RNG kill.

Remember that play styles differ, and this game is only as fun as people are kind, setting aside the fact that the goal is to kill the opposing players. Most importantly, have fun!


Day 5 Twilight is at 8pm CST on Tuesday, March 24, 2022