Weekly wrestling thread walks

-MJF contract still a will he or will he not thing even his contract still runs till 2024.
-Johnny Nitro/Morrison/Impact/Lucha/anywhere he damn pleases debuts on AEW
-Jim Ross signs 1 year extension

-Sasha Banks and Naomi walk out of WWE Raw after clashes over booking, WWE tried to burry them by saying they called other talent unsafe to work with but it got disproved soon, loads of guessing mostly still
-Toni Storm not happy with the diva’s throwback storyline they had lined up for her with the Charlotte feud before she left.

-Former WWE star Virgil announces he has stage 2 colon cancer
-Ric Flair LAST MATCH EVER(this time for real, electric bugaloo) happening on july 31 produced by Starrcast aka his son in law