Crisis Management – Looking Back at DC Comics Crises – Infinite Crisis (2005)

This Summer, DC Comics will experience a Dark Crisis.

The Comic Book Chat will be looking back at other Crisis events throughout history.

Next up is Infinite Crisis (2005/2006)

There’s a time period after I graduated college where I moved home for a bit working part-time for Fed-Ex, while looking for a full-time job in the area of my expertise. Since the local comic book shop Villains and Victors closed, the only other comic shop near me was a 45 minute to one hour drive away. I decided to start ordering comics from Midtown Comics. If I ordered my books on Monday, they would be delivered Thursday and I could read them during the weekend. This is how I was able to keep up with big events in DC and Marvel Comics.

Although I never read Crisis on Infinites Earths, I knew some of the more important details like the deaths of The Flash and Supergirl. I wanted to see what happened in this sequel 20 years in the making and at the time, I wasn’t disappointed. Wizard Magazine had featured Earth 2 Superman trying to shove two Earths together into one and was touted as the big comics event of the Summer.

The Trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are at their breaking point. Mistrust between them has caused a rift that will cause a ripple effect throughout the entire DCU. The Secret Society of Super-Villains are united together and are to be reckoned with after they kill Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. The line between hero and villain is so blurry there are only a few people that can save the day. Earth 2 Lois and Superman, Earth 3’s Alexander Luthor, and Superboy Prime. Will they have what it takes to reunite the Trinity and save the DCU?

I ordered every issue of the main mini-series and kept up with all the shocks and surprises. I tried to keep up with the spinoffs series like Day of Vengeance and Rann/Thanagar War but they fell by the wayside because I had to start paying off my student loans.

What are your thoughts on Infinite Crisis? Was it a worthy sequel that lived up to the hype or was it a snoozefest? Did Crisis on Infinite Earths need a sequel to begin with? What were the best/worst moments from the crossover?