AvocaD&D and Tabletop Gaming: Transported, Week 7

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Players and Characters

We’re playing through a homebrew story put together and DM’d by TheHayesCode! This story is set in the world of Eberron, and concerns the fates of a group of convicts sentenced with transportation to the exotic continent of Xen’Drik. Here’s a brief run-down of the PCs (all Level 4):

  • Kalanyl, a Drow Cleric (Grave Domain) of the scorpion-god Vulkoor and our native guide on Xen’Drik, played by Wafflicious 
  • Vic Lustig, a nondescript-by-design Human Sorcerer (Wild Magic) counterfeiter, played by JosephusBrown 
  • Bulwark, a Warforged Paladin of the Silver Flame (Oath of Redemption), played by TheCleverGuy 
  • Higgins, a malfunctioning Warforged Barbarian (Path of Ancestral Guardian), played by Spiny Creature 
  • Zumira, a Goblin Wizard (Order of Scribes) serial killer, played by The Wasp 
  • Jo Bean, a very young-looking Human Rogue (Swashbuckler) with a bad attitude, played by Otto
Game Night at the Foolish Frog

Ms. Slate’s game night seemed to be successful, though I find that I am uneasy after a conversation with the night’s guest of honor. I should begin at the beginning. My compatriots and I were assigned by Ms. Slate to serve various functions during a private card game. Ms. Slate’s primary goal for the evening was to impress a visiting businesswoman from the south of Xen’Drik, most likely with the intention to enter into some kind of trade agreement between her and the colony. The other guests included Dondas, the quarry master; Melliflua, a gnomish woman who runs the bakery, Gierello Miller, who brought his daughter Jennavivian; and Brother Martin of the Silver Flame.

I was there as general security, a task to which I am well-suited, although now I am wondering whether I was actually just there for display. Higgins was put to work making refreshments and cocktails in the kitchen. Jo was assigned to watch over Jennavivian and Kalanyl’s young nephew Jeck in a separate room upstairs. She had seemed a bit put off by this assignment at first, but during the evening she seemed to form a bond with the children, Jennavivian in particular. Vic was to actually participate in the game, making sure that the other players enjoyed themselves. I am not certain what Zumira’s assigned task was, she seemed to spend the whole night sampling the refreshments while her Unseen Servant performed whatever duties she was assigned. Kalanyl was there, as well, supervising the rest of us.

Although she was staying in one the rooms at the Foolish Frog, the visitor was the last to arrive. She was a young woman with dark hair and bright green eyes, and Ms. Slate referred to her as “Emerald.” As soon as she saw me, standing guard in one cornor of the room, she came over and began to inspect me. She was very excited about my construction, and even asked if Ms. Slate had built me, as she had apparently built her mechanical baboon companion. Seeing the deference that Ms Slate was showing toward Emerald, I allowed myself to be poked and prodded and answered her questions about my origins. It was a little off-putting, but I gathered that we Warforged are something of a curiosity for people from outside of Khorvaire.

At first I didn’t pay much attention to the card game itself, but as the night went on and it seemed less and less likely that any people or creatures were going to attack the inn, I started to watch Emerald and the other players a bit more. Dondas seemed to be winning, while Brother Martin and Melliflua were both enjoying their drinks and not taking the game itself too seriously. Gierello was having bad night–Vic took him aside at one point and I believe offered him a small loan so that he could continue to play. Emerald seemed to be enjoying herself as well, and was doing fairly well in the game. I noticed that she did not seem to suffer any ill effects from the cocktails that she was drinking, unlike some of the others (Brother Martin and Melliflua in particular). Vic also seemed to handle his drinks very well, though, and he said later it was just down to pacing.

At the end of the night, after most of the other guests had either gone home or passed out from drink, Vic was left playing with only Ms. Slate and Emerald. Ms. Slate was a little tipsy herself, and decided to show off her mechanical baboon’s firepower, blasting empty bottles out of the air outside. It was around this time that I learned what business Emerald was in–she was a slave-trader. She referred to me and the other Warforged in the colony as property, and seemed unimpressed when I explained that, although Warforged were created as soldiers, we are fully sentient beings, and have been recognized as such by the Treaty of Thronehold. Perhaps it is just that her attitude is reminiscent of my argument with the Archbishop that is making me uneasy, but I can not help but worry that Ms. Slate may be selling off colonists to this woman. If so, that is an injustice that can not stand.