WW183: Changing Channels — Day Two

Dr. Pain, MD

Black female doctor in charge at hospital, leading medical team of doctors and surgeons


Dr. Pain could hear muffled voices shushing each other behind the closed door of the staff lounge, and he sighed heavily. He picked up his pace, intending to walk on by, but his path was blocked by his best friend – his only friend – wheeling herself rapidly out of a side hallway.

“It’s a birthday party, Reynard. It’s your surprise birthday party.”

“Who asked anyone for a party?”

“People need to blow off steam, Doctor – including you. Think of it as a celebration for saving that boy’s life.”

“Well we didn’t save everyone did we, Rachel? We never save everyone!”

Rachel shook her head sadly as Dr. Pain brusquely turned away and stalked down the hallway towards his office and the file that haunted him – the case he couldn’t solve. 

“Well, I’ll save you a piece of cake at least!” she called at his back. He raised his hand briefly in acknowledgement but then stopped suddenly.

“Rachel.” His sober tone startled her, and she hurried over and stared at what had caught his attention – blood creeping out from under a supply room door. 

With his characteristic abruptness, he flung open the door to discover three corpses. Dr. Pain got his surprise after all. 

Lamb / Yuuko Aioi is dead. He was the Insurance Provider (Wolf).

Shipwreck / Famous Guest Star is dead. He was a Patient (Vanilla Town). 

Side Character / That Loser Jerry is dead. He was the Medevac Helicopter (Town Vig). 


17 Town Players

14 Vanilla Town

Doctor Pain (Healer): You can Heal one player Day or Night to prevent their death. You cannot Heal yourself.

Psychiatric Consult (Investigator): You can investigate one player at Night to determine if they are a Patient or Not a Patient (Vanilla Town = Patient. The SK will read as a Patient also).

Security Guard (Jailer): You can jail one unruly patient Day or Night — meaning you can either jail someone during the Day and prevent their vote and votes for them or jail someone at Night and prevent any Night actions being performed on or by them. You cannot Jail yourself.

Medevac Helicopter (Two-Shot Vig): You mean well, but you have a tendency towards amputating arms and falling on people. You have two chances, Day or Night, to kill another player, as long as we are in Dr. Pain, MD.

3 Wolf Players

Stuffy Hospital Administrator: You are immune to investigation unless you carry out the Wolf kill. You are immune to blocking/jailing if you carry out the Wolf kill.

Wealthy Patient: You can name a player at Night, and, if Doctor Pain heals that player, the protection will transfer to you instead.

Insurance Provider: Each Night, you can pick another player; if that player has a Night action, you will cancel it.

Dr. Pain’s Brother: You hate Dr. Pain, and if you and he choose the same Night target, Dr. Pain will die.

NOTE: If the Wolf who carries out the kill has another Night action, they cannot use that Night action.

1 SK Player

Angry Transplant Patient: You can kill another player at Night to harvest their organ, but if you are blocked or jailed, you will die.

1 Doppelgänger Player

Hot-Shot Surgeon: Each Night, you must pick a player to mimic. You will gain that player’s power (if any) and win condition. However, if that player dies while you are mimicking them, you will also die. You cannot mimic the same player two Nights in a row. If you mimic a Wolf, you will only get a Night kill if that Wolf is carrying out the Night kill. This role is immune to recruitment.

(Note: Barring recruitment, these alignments will not change, but role names will and powers might.)


  1. Adam – Troy McClure
  2. April – Commercial Break
  3. Chum – Mr. Rogers Mash-up Show Pitches
  4. Cop – Sam Beckett as Vasectomy Patient
  5. copywight – Dr. Lore, Medicine Android (Vanilla Town)
  6. Cork – Friendly Background Snail
  7. emm – Kitty and TBD’s Variety Hour
  8. Goat – Hell-mo
  9. hoho – Jail bird Possum
  10. Josephus – Live Studio Audience
  11. Kim – Monsta X Stan Account
  12. Lamb – Yuuko Aioi (Wolf)
  13. malthusc – Chidi Anna Kendrick
  14. Marlowe – Ron Popeil
  15. MSD – WandaVision
  16. Nate – Guy Who Has A Few Lines While Loading Or Unloading A Truck
  17. Persephone – Dr. Sexypants, M.D.
  18. Queequeg – Topanga’s Ever Changing Parents
  19. Ralph – Pat Sajak
  20. raven – N-ko
  21. Sheleeta – Roomba
  22. Shinichiki – Totally Radical 
  23. Shipwreck – Famous Guest Star  (Vanilla Town)
  24. sic – The Previously Frozen Head of Walt Disney
  25. Side – That Loser Jerry (Town Vig)
  26. Thoughts – Tom Pari- I mean Nick Lucarno


No quoting or screencapping from Discord.

No editing any post without permission.

No discussing the game with a living player outside of the game threads and (sanctioned) Discord chats.

Night actions are mandatory.

Be chill: Attack arguments, not people.

If there is a tie at Twilight, all players except those tied will be subject to an RNG kill.

Remember that play styles differ, and this game is only as fun as people are kind, setting aside the fact that the goal is to kill the opposing players. Most importantly, have fun!


Day 2 will continue in Dr. Pain, MD . . . for now. 

Day 2 Twilight is 8:00pm CST on Wednesday, May 18.