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Tuesdays are all about the fruits!

We’re starting with mangoes.

Honest to glob, I think that’s part of the problem. You are only a little bit older than me (YES I’m old, shut up), Mr. Walsh, there’s no excuse for you not trying a mango yet unless you’re allergic or something. Step outside your comfort zones, people. It’s good for you, even if it’s uncomfortable. Find your limits.

And this is bananas:

Rachel Maddow is trending tonight because she listed GOP candidates of generally being bad/criminal people, so of COURSE the right wing is talking about how she inspired the Steve Scalise shooting (I’m not linking that crap). Because there must be tit for tat. But they are really working hard at comparing apples to oranges:

And that’s my three! The news will have changed by the time I post this, even more by the time it’s published (hello from last night). So I don’t know what you take of that. Hopefully things are better. That’s what we always hope, and that’s what we strive for! So, be kind, be gracious, and behave!! And put your breakfast dishes in the sink anyway. You can wash them later, but putting them in the sink at least gets them one step closer to clean.