With great power there must also come the Great Frinkiac Challenge!

Happy Saturday and for the first time in months welcome to the Frinkiac Challenge! This used to be a regular feature that I post way less often now because I’m directionless garbage, but it’s pretty simple to explain. Just use frinkiac.commorbotron.commasterofallscience.comfuncooker.funpenskefile.com, or any similar site you might happen to be familiar with, to juxtapose screencaps from some of the Avocado’s favorite shows with quotes from our dedicated theme of the week.

This time, the theme is one of the most versatile and widely-adapted of all superheroes, the amazing Spider-Man. Anything is fair game, be it the comics, the live-action movies, Into the Spider-Verse, the TV series, the video games, as long as it features Spider-Man and his supporting cast.