WW 183: Changing Channels — Signups

As you walk into ANC Studios, you find yourself briefly stuck in the revolving door with two other people. You look at each other and chuckle before figuring out the logistics and spilling into the lobby. You all walk up to the information desk, and the slightly unkempt man to your right inquires about the focus group in which you’re here to participate. “Oh hey, me too!” you say. “Fifty bucks and a free TV preview, right?” The others nod, and still more people wander over as you each accept your Visitor badge and head towards the elevators. 

An elderly, dark-skinned man in a green suit claps his hands together and grins as you file into Conference Room 13. “Welcome!” he pronounces, looking as pleased to see you as your grandfather after a long absence – or a seasoned car salesman. “As you know, you’re here today to watch a selection of pilot episodes for new shows we’re considering airing in 2023. I’m excited to see such a diverse and, may I say, attractive group with us today!”

You roll your eyes at his patter but can’t help but straighten your shoulders and smile at your gregarious host. He continues, “You can call me Mr. C. Our goal for today is to provide you with a fully immersive experience and then get your honest reactions. Don’t hold back! Let us know what you love, what you hate, what makes you laugh, what scares you – everything! We want our 2023 lineup to be a shining star, and you are just the group to make that happen. Please, sit, sit, and we’ll get started! First up, we have Dr. Pain, MD. Get your scorecards ready!”

You sit in a plush swivel chair facing a large flatscreen on the wall. Next to you are notecards and a selection of pens, a bottle of water, and a cute little bucket of popcorn with the studio’s logo. You’re impressed by the setup; you can’t believe they’re paying you for this!

The lights in the room dim, and the screen begins to glow. 

Mr. C. smiles broadly. “Here we go!”

In this game, there is always the possibility – midday, between days, whatever – that the game will “change channels” and turn into something new. What will not change is players’ alignment from one “channel” to another. If a particular channel involves recruitment, that’s a different story – but players will move from one channel to the other as the same alignment. 

Other than that, all bets are off! Sign up to learn more!

(Roles, rules, etc., will be available on Day 1. They’re just subject to how many players we have, so for now our genre is mystery.)


  1. Marlowe
  2. Shinichiki
  3. April
  4. Cork
  5. malthusc
  6. Goat
  7. Adam
  8. Queequeg
  9. Side
  10. Shipwreck
  11. raven
  12. hoho
  13. MSD
  14. Ralph
  15. sic
  16. Chum
  17. Thoughts
  18. Lamb
  19. Josephus
  20. emm
  21. Kim
  22. Nate
  23. Persephone
  24. copywight
  25. Sheleeta
  26. Cop

Backup Players

  1. Dicentra