30 Years of Spider-Man 2099

1992 was a big year in comic books. We will be discussing some 30th anniversaries over the course of the year so get ready to reminisce about the good old days of 90s comics!

First up is Spider-Man 2099! Miguel O’Hara is the Amazing Arachnid in the year 2099 and he paved the way for other heroes and villains in the far flung future of the Marvel Universe. Last week saw the release of Spiderman 2099 Exodus Alpha, which kicks off a small, self-contained crossover that celebrates the 30th anniversary of Spider-Man 2099 and a chance for readers to get reacquainted and reintroduced to a Marvel Universe still to come.

We previously spoke about the 2099 universe in a previous Comic Book Chat but what is old is new again! Spider-Man 2099 will be in the next Into The Spiderverse movie. If they made a Spider-Man 2099 live action movie, who would you cast as Miguel O’Hara and who would you have him fight?

Does the 2099 universe still have stories to tell or do you think they should give this timeline a rest? Which Marvel character deserves the 2099 treatment and why?