WW 182: Replicanthropes – Day 5

Hurry up and answer, thought Leon as the vidphone kept dialing. Hurry. Up.

Finally it flickered to life, where a dazed Lucy’s face appeared on the screen, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “Leon?” she answered. “It’s like eight o’clock in the morning, what do you—“

“No time,” said Leon. “Vangelis died. The whole group is compromised. Someone— LUCY TURN AROUND!” he yelled, as he watched the figure creep up behind her on his vidscreen.

Her face crinkled in thought, not comprehending the warning, and then a flash of understanding appeared for just a second before a hole in her forehead opened and splashed her camera and Leon’s vidscreen with blood.

He closed the connection and ran, faster than he’d ever run.

LUCY LIU BOT (Adam Farrar) has been killed. They were a SYMPATHIZER (Citizen – Human).

Far away from Lucy’s apartment, Eldon Tyrell sat in his office, reviewing the quarterly orders placed with Tyrell Corporation. A big one from Nimbus — they were still chasing that fever dream of colonizing Ceres, but their money spent as well as everyone else’s. He poured a brandy and sat back in his chair before tapping a button on his desk.

“Rachael,” he said. “Make sure to tell R&D they’ll be getting additional funding next quarter for NEXUS-8. I expect proposals for -9 and -10 series by the end of the month. And tell them this time I won’t be solving their problems for them.”

“Yes, Mr. Tyrell,” came a woman’s voice from the speaker on the desk. The synthetic owl perched on the stand in the corner hooted its approval. Tyrell sat back and admired the view out of the window.

“You do that, don’t you?” came a voice from a shadowed recess in the office.

Tyrell, startled, looked up. “What? Who’s there?”

“You solve problems,” continued the voice. “You’re almost as good at that as you are at creating them.” Tyrell stood up and backed up against the window, scanning the room for movement.

He lunged for the communicator button on the desk, but the figure stepped out of the shadow like lightning and grabbed his arm, wresting it behind his back and pushing Tyrell up against the panoramic window, his glasses shattering as his face was pushed against the glass. “What are you talking about?” yelled the old scientist. “What is the meaning of this?”

“Pretty simple,” said the voice again. A gunshot roared and the panoramic window shattered, the smog from Los Angeles invading the pristine office with hurricane force. “Solving problems.” He hurled the tycoon out the window.

It took nearly four minutes for Tyrell’s body to hit the ground, and another three days to identify the remains.

DOT MATRIX (MSD) has been killed. They were ELDON TYRELL (Serial Killer).


Rep Sympathizers (Town): Win when all Blade Runners and Tyrell are dead.

Citizens (3): (vanilla town): Human/Replicant. There is strength in numbers; their power is their vote. 5 4 3 2 1 of them is Human, and 4 3 2 of them are in fact Replicants; which one they are is not known to the individual player at the beginning of the game.

Roy Batty (investigator): NEXUS-6 Replicant. As a Night Action, may submit the name of another player to determine whether they are “Sympathizer” or “Not a Sympathizer”.

Pris (doctor): NEXUS-6 Replicant. As a Night Action, may submit the name of another player to cancel any night kill actions directed at them. May not heal themselves or the same player on consecutive nights.

Leon Kowalski (jailer): NEXUS-6 Replicant. As a Night Action, may submit the name of another player to be jailed; this player may not execute any Night Actions, and any Night Actions targeting the player are blocked. Cannot jail themselves or the same player on consecutive nights.

Zhora (motion detector): NEXUS-6 Replicant. As a Night Action, may submit the name of another player to watch. If that player commits any Night Actions or is targeted by any Night Actions, will receive a result of “detected motion”.

Blade Runners (Wolves): Win when there are at least as many or more Blade Runners as there are Rep Sympathizers and Eldon Tyrell is dead. Wolf kills are assigned to a specific player and are carried out in addition to any other Night Actions available to that player

Rick Deckard (investigator): Human. Beginning Night 1 may submit the name of another player to “put them on the machine” and learn whether they are a Human or a Replicant.

Capt. Bryant (roleblocker): Human. Beginning Night 1 may submit the name of another player to block any night actions that player may carry out.

Gaff (role investigator): Human. Beginning Night 1 may submit the name of another player to determine their assigned role, if any.


Eldon Tyrell (serial killer): Human. As a Night Action, may submit the name of another player to be killed. Wins when all *Human* Sympathizers and Blade Runners have been killed.

Rachael: Replicant. Returns “no result” (identical to a blocked action result) if investigated by Roy Batty or Rick Deckard. Immune to Lifespan Kill (see below). If Rick Deckard is killed, gains a single vig shot that can be used as a Night Action on the night of their choice. Wins the game alone if still alive when all NEXUS-6 replicants, Blade Runners, and Eldon Tyrell are dead.

Lifespan Kills

All Replicant models have a built-in 4 year lifespan, at the end of which they are deactivated permanently.

At Twilight of Day 1, there is a 5 percent chance that the 2nd place vote-getter(s) have reached their terminal date and are killed if they are Replicants. This chance increases by 1 percent each successive day.

In the case of a tie for 1st place, the RNG survivor(s) are NOT subject to the Lifespan Kill.

As a prototype model, Rachael is immune to this effect.



1. MSD (Eldon Tyrell)
2. Sic Humor (Citizen – Human)
3. Mrs. Queequeg
4. Side Character
5. Chum (Zhora)
6. Lamb
7. Ralph
8. Raven
9. hoho (Roy Batty)
10. Indy (Pris)
11. Cork (Citizen – Human)
12. Adam Farrar (Citizen – Human)
13. Dourif (Citizen – Human)
14. April (Citizen – Replicant)
15. Cop (Citizen – Replicant)
16. Lindsay
17. jake
18. Copywight

1. Goat
2. Dicentra


No quoting or screencapping from Discord.

You cannot edit any of your posts.

Wolf and SK night kill actions are mandatory. Vig shots are always optional.

Be nice: Attack arguments, not people.

Night Action Order of Operations: Blocking > jailing > healing > investigation > ALL TEH KILLZ

Ties at Twilight will be decided by RNG.

In KOBK scenarios, auto-kill will not be triggered unless all living players have voted.

Remember that play styles differ, and this game is only as fun as people are kind, setting aside the fact that the goal is to kill the opposing players. Most importantly, have fun! Or don’t. I’m not your boss.


Twilight is at 1:00 PM Pacific, Thursday, May 12th.

Today is KILL OR BE KILLED. Auto-kill rules are in effect as per the Rules section.