The Monday Politics Thread is Pro-Choice

Barrett, Alito Excited To See Forced Birth Increase ‘Domestic Supply Of Infants’

With all of the garbage packed into that leaked Supreme Court decision, there are parts of it that are only getting attention now. Like one particularly gross footnote referring to “the domestic supply of infants” available for adoption at birth or within the first month of life — suggesting that at least part of the reasoning for the eliminating Roe was the opportunity to use those experiencing unwanted pregnancies as broodmares for those who want to adopt a child. Fun!


Oklahoma’s Ban on Nonbinary Birth Certificates Isn’t Just Cruel. It’s Ahistorical.

Late last month, Oklahoma became the first state in the country to explicitly prohibit a nonbinary gender marker on birth certificates. The legislation not only shows a profound disregard for the humanity of nonbinary people; it also rests on a mistaken belief that birth certificates are fixed records of neutral facts, and not subject to changing social values.

The Atlantic

Daughter of ‘Jane Roe’ in Roe v. Wade Case Says Overturning Would Lead to ‘So Many Unnecessary Deaths’

The daughter of Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” who fought for the right to an abortion and was at the center of the landmark Roe v. Wade case, says that if the Supreme Court overturns the decision there would be “so many unnecessary deaths.”


Opinion: Supreme Court mystery thickens

The implications of the ruling are enormous. If a majority on the court erases Roe v. Wade, wrote Jill Filipovic, “For American women, it throws the future into question: What will it mean to live in a country that has made it clear it doesn’t see you as an equal citizen — that doesn’t recognize the most basic, intimate right to decide what happens inside your own body?”


The Language We Use When We Write About Abortion

With the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade, how we talk about reproductive rights is more important than ever.


CBP moves to phase out Border Patrol units accused of cover-ups

Customs and Border Protection is planning to get rid of special Border Patrol units that have been accused of covering up official wrongdoing.

The San Diego Union Tribune

Philadelphia Bookstore Owner Leads Campaign To Make Harriet Tubman Day a Federal Holiday

Jeannine Cook, owner of Philadelphia bookstore Harriett’s Bookshop, is leading the efforts in making Harriet Tubman Day recognized as a federal holiday after gaining momentum in the House through her petition. 

Black Enterprise

Biden officials prepare to blow up Trump’s rules on sexual misconduct in schools

The Education Department — already attacked by conservatives over critical race theory and Covid restrictions in schools — is expected to roll back Betsy DeVos’ agenda on Title IX.


Bird Flu Outbreak Nears Worst Ever in U.S. With 37 Million Animals Dead

A bird flu virus that’s sweeping across the U.S. is rapidly becoming the country’s worst outbreak, having already killed over 37 million chickens and turkeys, with more deaths expected through next month as farmers perform mass culls.


Strippers Seize the Moment, Turning a Lockout Into a Picket Line

How many assaults, rapes, and shootings will it take for these performers to be afforded even the basic protections a union could provide?

The Nation

This is what we need to invent to fight climate change

Where companies and governments should place bets for the clean energy technologies of the future.


New Study Shows Trans Youth Are Extremely Unlikely to Detransition

Published this month in the medical journal Pediatrics, it reveals the findings of a five-year longitudinal study of trans youth conducted by Princeton University’s Trans Youth Project. Out of more than 300 young trans-identifying people aged 3-12, only 2.5% identified as cisgender at the end of the five-year period, with 94% identifying as trans girls or boys and 3.5% identifying as nonbinary.


Jill Biden meets Ukraine refugees, volunteers in Slovakia

U.S. first lady Jill Biden met Ukrainian refugees in eastern Slovakia on Sunday, the last full day of her tour of Romania and Slovakia to visit U.S. servicemen deployed there and women and children who fled Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


United Ireland: why is it not on cards despite Sinn Féin success?

Sinn Féin hailed its first victory in a Northern Ireland assembly election as a defining moment for the British-controlled region and called for a debate on a united Ireland.

The Guardian

Irish nationalist Sinn Fein earns historic Northern Ireland election win

Sinn Fein overtook the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in voting for the province’s 90-member national Assembly, winning the most seats, 27, and securing the highest share of first preference votes. This compares with 25 seats for the DUP and 17 for the Alliance Party.


In Pictures: Hong Kong protesters call for full democracy ahead of one-man leadership race

“[T]he presumption of innocence, the right to bail, the jury, sentencing discount after a guilty plea – they all exist in name only under the national security law,” the group said.

Hong Kong Free Press

Afghanistan face veil decree: ‘I’ve lost the right to choose my clothes’

Despite everything that has happened to her country since the Taliban seized power last August, 29-year old Nafisa still never believed there would come a day when she would be unable to feel the sun on her face as she walked the streets of Kabul.

The Guardian

Putin has put himself at the center of Russia’s Victory Day. But he has little to celebrate

President Vladimir Putin takes Russian anniversaries seriously. It was no coincidence that his invasion of Ukraine came a day after Defender of the Fatherland Day, a celebration of Russia’s military achievements. It was on that same occasion in 2014 that Putin took the first step in annexing Crimea from Ukraine, through orchestrated pro-Russian protests on the peninsula.


Brazil’s Amazon deforestation hits April record, nearly double previous peak

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon surged to record levels for the month of April, nearly doubling the area of forest removed in that month last year — the previous April record — preliminary government data showed on Friday, alarming environmental campaigners.


Apology, 800 years on, for laws that expelled Jews from England

The Church of England is to apologise for its “shameful actions” in passing anti-Jewish laws 800 years ago that paved the way for the expulsion of Jews from England.

The Guardian

Live: ‘Putin is responsible for heinous war crimes’, says Trudeau in Kyiv

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Sunday that Russian leader Vladimir Putin was responsible for “war crimes,” during a visit to Ukraine where he met with President Volodymyr Zelensky.


‘It’s total terror’: Colombian cartel retaliates over kingpin’s arrest

Otoniel’s Gulf Clan militiamen shut down northern regions, blocking roads and holding residents hostage in their houses

The Guardian