Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Frost Goes Super Saiyan 2

So, I didn’t get a chance this week to watch the latest Superman & Lois (will probably do that this evening), but I did watch the latest Flash, and while most of the “grief ghost” stuff left me cold, I really warmed up to the stuff with Frost (puns! irony!).

It does feel like this “am I even a real person?” stuff is something that should have come up earlier, but it worked wonderfully here. It really made me feel so much for Frost, and cheer when she got her “Hellfrost” transformation … and then they killed her.

And the worst part is, I couldn’t even feel that sad during her death scene, because I spent the last act of the episode waiting for the reveal that this was all Deathstorm’s plan. Like, if this was really the end of him, he went down easier than most Big Bads. And having one of the heroes absorb the extra-dimensional flame/grief creature into themselves? That’s practically begging to be possessed! Not to mention that Deathstorm had free run of STAR Labs, and demonstrated he could destroy any piece of technology at will, yet never did anything about the one piece of tech designed to destroy him? Well, if he secretly wants them to use it …

So, since I just kept waiting for Deathstorm to pop up and shout “You fools! You fell for my trap! Bwah ha ha ha!”, I couldn’t emotionally invest in the death scene of a character I’d been getting quite invested in just a few scenes earlier. Bummer.

Oh, and random aside: how come Cecile didn’t get a grief ghost?

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite villain-screws-with-the-hero’s-head episode?